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DIY Easy Washi Tape Twist Ties Craft Project

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DIY Washi Tape Twist Ties Craft Project - Perfect for Handmade Party Favors and Wedding Favors
Want another useful DIY project for putting your washi tape to good use? Make twist ties! These handmade twist ties are super easy and quick to create. Plus they make dressing up favor bags for parties and weddings a snap! Choose your washi tape in a color and pattern that compliments your event for simple coordinating favors!
How to make twist ties using washi tape and florist wire
For this project all you need is washi tapein your pattern(s) of choice, florist wire and scissors.
Easy DIY Washi Tape Twist Ties for wrapping up wedding favor bags
Simply cut a length of washi tape to desired length. Lay a piece of florist wire on top of the sticky side of the tape. Then apply a second strip of washi tape sticky side down to adhere to the other piece of tape so that the wire is trapped in between. Then just trim the wire edges and you’re done! For more diy washi tape craft projects, click here.

What’s your favorite way to use washi tape?

DIY Washi Tape Magnetic Clips

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DIY Washi Tape Magnets - Washi Tape Craft Project Ideas
Washi tape is useful for dressing up so many household items and craft projects. And because a little tape goes a long way, you’ll find you really get more bang for your buck by using it to craft with. One of the easiest Washi tape craft projects you’ll ever make is this one – pictured above – for DIY Washi Tape Magnetic Clips.
DIY Washi Tape Magnetic Chip Clips - Handmade Chip Clips Using Washi Tape for Decoration
For this project, I picked up a pack of four magnetic clips from Target for a dollar. (They were at the front of the store in their $1 bins.) Although you can probably find these at a dollar store as well. All I did was add a small strip of Washi tape across each magnetic clip. And voila! Plain black magnetic clips are now fun to look at! Use these clips on your fridge for notes, on the mailbox for outgoing mail, as chip clips, or whatever else you may need a clip for!

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DIY Handmade Coasters – A Pretty Home Decor Gift Idea

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Handmade Coaster DIY - Great Handmade Gift Idea

I feel so blessed to have so many crafty people in my life. And I am just thrilled to have received these beautiful handmade coasters made by my co-worker, Erica, as a Christmas gift. I had been in need of coasters for quite some time and had been pondering making my own but never quite got around to do doing it. Erica solved that problem for me and I will definitely be using her gift often.

Handmade Coasters DIY - How to Make Coasters for Your Home and as Gifts

Should you wish to make a set of handmade coasters for yourself or to give as gifts, here’s a little know how into how it’s done. To get started you’ll need four 4 1/4″ square, matte white ceramic tiles, scrapbooking papers, Mod Podge, felt squares, and a clear acrylic sealer. Optionally you may also want glitter or other embellishments to make your coasters pretty.

How to Make Ceramic Coasters - DIY Handmade Coasters - Home Decor and DIY Handmade Gift Idea

Begin by cutting your scrapbooking papers into 4″x4″ or smaller squares. Then apply Mod Podge to the entire surface of the top of the tiles. Apply the paper squares to the tops of the tiles and smooth on. Then apply another layer of Mod Podge over the papers and tiles. If you want to get a little more creative, you can then add paper shapes of paper on top of the first layer and repeat with another layer of Mod Podge. Erica added circles in a different patterned paper on top of a solid scrapbook paper for a fun look and then trimmed the edges of the circles with glitter. Alternately, you could also add pretty borders with washi tape. Once the Mod Podge has dried completely, seal the tiles with a clear acrylic spray sealer.

How to Make DIY Ceramic Coaster Tiles for Gift Giving and Home Decor Accessories

Finally, glue squares of felt to the bottom side of the tile to keep the tiles from slipping on surfaces or scratching table tops. Now all that’s left is to tie your tiles up in ribbon to gift to your recipient. Or, if you’re using them for your own home, simply set them out on an end table or coffee table for use!

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